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November 02, 2012


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l benson

Mr. Ali, fearing his lice-infested head may be severed from his body, tells the Senators, "Yeah, we was pissed off about that video ..."

Then what?

The good Senators are wasting their time and our money on a wild goose chase. Every ounce of our efforts and all of our resources should be focused on the Muslim Brotherhood proxy entrenched in the White House.

john jay

l. benson:

well, yes, i see your point. to which i respond.--

well, yeah, maybe yes, maybe no.

he's there, may as well find out what he's got to say. while it may even be quite likely that what you say will be the case, sometimes a person like ali ani al harzi can be full of all kinds of surprises.

it behooves us to find out.

john jay

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