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November 17, 2012


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marc in calgary

There is a risk, knowing that some states Israel has had the support of in its past, do not fully support it now, a greater risk is for Israel to bow to international pressure now, knowing full well the desire of the UN member states is to destroy it.
They have a capable leadership in Israel, however he decides should do them well.

The israelis know full well that the surrounding muslims don't respect strength, yet fear strength like a punk eyeing up a grocery store owner to rob...

My daughter's twitter pages both begin with, "better to be judged by 12, than carried by 6"
My son's (also a Benjamin) doesn't give any warning.

Go steady Benjamin, go steady...


JJ -
I see you do understand what it will take to destroy the Barbary Pirates. However, the killing needs to be focused not only at the soldier/terrorist arm of Islam, but just as specifically at the imman and their ilk. This is the two-headed snake that must be destroyed before mass destruction of the support/fodder body of the beast is whittled down into submission.

Effectively, the term "minimzed collateral damage" needs to be taken off the table when fighting an asymetric war. Destruction of targets (where ever and when ever detected) is the mandate, no matter if they are in the middle of a mosque, school, hospital, or international news camp.

I have said it in earlier posts, the irony is that killing those targets within the two inner target circles of the real Islamic organizational structure chart is the easiest to accomplish with the least resources. The Israelis have a thorough understanding of this concept learned to the endless wars with Islamists. Now, that US leadership is not unquestionable supporters of Israel, the Israelis may have little choice but to follow the tenets of fighting asymetric warfare in order to survive. I wouldn't be at all shocked if they didn't use the fog and confussion of the current Hammas affair as the best opportunity to remove the looming Iranian nuclear threat.

john jay



the israelis understand how it all works. they ran their own "ops" for a long time, especially against the brits.

anyone remember how to spell i-r-g-u-n?

so far they have been restrained. i wish them to end the "kid gloves" approach, and hurt hamas & abbas & hezbollah. you know that there is no irony in my remarks: we both know the tremendous firepower the israelis could bring to bear on these clowns, and the damage and destruction and death they could deal out if provoked.

as for the matter of firepower.-- were i commander of a 6th fleet force, i would not want to be sailing around in that pond under the gun of the israelis.

simple as that.

the muslims/arabs/islamists are really nothing more than tactical irritants, though a powerful force strategically in the agitprop war. but, they know that they disappear instantly, in a big black cloud, if they ever really piss the israelis off.

the iranians drag their feet on deployment, yes? they know that they, too, disappear in a larger cloud if they ever deploy.

but, in sum.

yes, agreed.

and, i surely would like to see them deal hamas a major blow.

hamas started this, and already they are begging for it to end. i hope the israelis take out more of their leaders before it winds down.


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