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November 05, 2012


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I share your caution john jay. What troubles me to the core, and still will after Hussein is removed, is what put him there and protects him. All of that remains, protected by a global propaganda "media" and a government education system that churns out conditioned minds, not thinkers.

If ever exposed for all that it is, party division would be no more as we the people remove them, wholesale.

Thank you for what you do john jay. Sincerely.

john jay


i am informed by email that dan rather says he thinks it "looks like a good day for romney."

that is hardly the net work "calling" the matter, but, we'll see.

it wouldn't hurt to say a little prayer.

as to the points raised in your comment, i agree that getting obama out of our house is only a start in bringing the republic back to good health, and vitality.

all of the network that put obama in office remains, and george soros in particular, and al gore and bill gates remain exceedingly powerful foes.

we have to remain vigilant, and involved, and keep the electorate's loyalty by keeping our promises, and delivering upon our goals.

but, as to this day, it seems that so far, so good.

prayer wouldn't hurt, either.


john jay

p.s. did i mention prayer?

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