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November 16, 2012


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I am so wishing the best for you, for your full and speedy recovery, Mr Jay. Rest up well.


I sensed something was not right.

As you say john jay. God speed and so to you too, do not underestimate the power of prayer.

That, and taking the meds they give you, should do it.

Take time and take care.

Just Another Richard

Take care of yourself JJ. Even a "mild" heart attack, can shake your world. If this is your first time, one of the things you will struggle with is a shortage of breath while doing everyday things, which becomes tiresome in more ways than one. Take one day at a time, don't push yourself too hard, but try doing a little more each day, and life soon settles back to a more normal existence.

Good luck, and again, take care.


Wishing you a speedy recovery!

marc in calgary

Be well jj.

and prayers too.


JJ -
All my best wishes to you. I remember when you underwent your by-pass surgery. You're a tough old bird, hang in there. A wise old warrant officer once told me, "Never give up, fly the bird all the way to the scene of the crash. It increases your chances of walking away from an otherwise catastrophic event."

john jay


thanks for the kind words.

i don't feel so tough right now. still pretty weak. and, the meds they've given me kind of have me off plumb.

we'll see how it all works out.

good way to shed a couple pounds, however. not that i would recommend it.


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