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September 29, 2012


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I can't find any share buttons on this. If you want more traffic and to get your very important message out in this topic, you need to have some easy to find twitter, Facebook, and other share buttons to make it easy for people to directly share from here.
Thank you.

john jay


i am an old poop. set in my ways, & crotchety. i think the word used this days is irascible.

i don't know about such things. what i do know about all the various "facebook" type things does not lead me to think that the people there have very long attention spans. nor does it seem to me that their concerns run to political issues, such as are examined by thought as opposed to assertion.

but, i could be wrong.

i will ask some people how to put the "share buttons" on.

you know how?

john jay

john jay


"... the word used these days is irascible ..."

my apologies.

Just Another Richard

Another interesting and insightful post john jay.

It never ceases to amaze me that these so called intellectuals can not see, that once they have dissolved their own power base within the societies in which they come from, in order to accommodate the 'other', they will simply be pushed aside as the new masters seek all the loot which will be up for grabs at that point. It is really quite remarkable the degree of stupidity on display at this juncture of human history.

So much for a first rate education at the seat of post modernist dialectic materialism.

john jay



i owe you an apology.

in the interest of being polite i was not candid with you.

in actual fact, i am not in the slightest interested in making access to my writing easy or convenient for people.

i want them to work when they get here, and to think. i am not in the least bit interested in telling them what they already know, or reinforcing their opinions.

what purpose does that fulfill? i am not interested in being popular, or being accessible.

i would like very much for people to learn from my writing, and for it to stimulate thought and reflection. these things are not easy, and they are not casually done.

this is not a pop in and spend 3 seconds reading sort of blog.

so, there's the truth.

i am just not a "button" sort of guy. never have been, never will be.

i don't mean to be a smart ass, or mean or short. but, i am sort of serious in my purpose.

john jay

john jay

just another richard:

thank you for the read, and for the comment.

in college i was a poli sci major, and took a whole lot of history classes in 19th and 20th century history, and philosophy classes in kant, hegel, and the like.

and, i was fascinated by russian history in that period, as the russians transitioned themselves into tyranny.

one of the things that continually amazed and entertained me was the attack by radicals upon the old regimes, and the use of the pejorative words leveled by the radicals at the old regime and aristocracy.

the radical used the very words against the established order that they would become once they took power.

and the old regime/orders took it, and treated the radicals as if they were wayward children, and sent them off to comfortable exile or house arrest for bombings, murders, attacks on the regime, and the like.

sorta like bill ayers and bernie dohrn, and angela davis and the black panthers.

one of obama's big supportors, for instance, is a guy known as don warden, a founder of the black panthers, later to be known as khalid al mansour, a well known radical lawyer.

he helped get obama into harvard law school, for instance.

the more things change, the more they stay the same.

john jay

p.s. ambrose bierce was an old curmudgeon who wrote for the st. louis dispatch.

weighty stuff.

but, he almost always had a little witticism to start things. he once noted that an egoist was someone more interested in himself than in me.

as to obama and his ilk, ... , he also noted, that radicalism is tomorrow's conservatism, today.

you should look up his definition of "infidel."

john jay

p.s. in short, radicals don't change much of anything. they just call it something else, and put themselves in the positions of power from which they have expelled the "conservatives."

and, they like to shoot people behind the ear in damp basements. something romantic about that to them.

beats me?

Just Another Richard

Hi johm jay.Yes, I am aware of Don Warden, and his alter image Kahlid al Mansour. If some of the revelations coming out now are found to be true, then there are a whole lot of people who should be facing some serious repercussions, and indeed may one day find to their great horror that treason has always been dealt with in the most brutal and final manner, irrespective of any temporary current laws. When the conflict gets hot, and the people begin to feel the pain and suffering, then the lying deceivers and their media enablers will feel the anger of those thy have betrayed. Sound overly dramatic, maybe, but like a woman scorned, hell hath no fury as a people betrayed.

Your comment about the proclivity of the radicals to indulge in extra judicial murder is spot on, in fact it is the one singular accomplishment of all Marxists in over a hundred years of marching toward their nirvana, that path being paved with the bones of untold numbers, sacrificed to their utopian idealism. The ancient worship of Baal, was never so savage and barbaric as the modern Marxist in all his various incarnations.

john jay


kind of a toss up between ba'al and the marxists.

marxists are not known for having tossed babies into burning cauldrons, but then again, not being much on the bible or religious history, simply might not have been aware of the practice.

who knows?

certainly pol phot might have tried it.

john jay

p.s. our boy che, of the poster fame, richly enjoyed murdering people one at a time.

a mean bastard, by all accounts.

Just Another Richard

I don't know john, the pro choice brigade have done a roaring trade under the banner of "it's a woman's choice....hands of our bodies".

And yes, it is ironic that the left's favored sons are habitually found to have their hands bathed on blood.

john jay


yes, on the matter of murder by abortion, you are absolutely correct.

i am usually adroit enough to think of that, ... , getting old, i guess.

probably just on the threshold of state sponsored euthanasia.

the left gets you, coming and going, i suppose.

john jay

Just Another Richard

"getting old, I guess" ... aren't we all john. As for me, well look at the misspelled words on my last comment, and those are not words that require ANY thought...gawd help me, as Mr. Kipling might say. My excuse was I was typing on my Android phone...not much of an excuse I must admit, but.....

The young of today are not interested though; too many other preoccupations to follow. Try to talk to most of them, and they look at you as either a hateful old bigot, or a doddery old fool. Poor souls, little can they see what horrors shall await them.

john jay


you ever read "the journals of the lewis and clark expidition" ?

i am from n.e. oregon.

around here, if a spelling was good enough for mr. lewis and mr. clark, it is good for us.

in other words, we have a certain latitude/lassitude about such matters.

i wouldn't worry about it too much, were i you.

john jay

Just Another Richard


Oh I don't worry about it all that much. In point of fact, any re-reading of much of my writing will induce a sense of bewildered humility...a sort of, lord did I do that. But the general jist of my intentions comes through pretty clearly.

My, but we do seem to have drifted off the topic of your post...sorry about that.

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