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July 12, 2012


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pet food

The pet nutrition industry is very similar to the human food industry – full of hype and false claims, peddling inferior nutritional choices. Much of the so-called “healthy pet foods” on the market contain inferior meat meals, cheap grains like corn and soy, fillers, by-products, food coloring, pesticides, preservatives, and other contaminations.

john jay

pet food:

well, ... .

as to "healthy foods ... ." i don't see anything cheap in either corn or soy as food.

soy is marvelous food. corn is a high quality feed grain, and a high quality human food.

"fillers" doesn't sound good. give you that one.

as to "inferior meat meals," i don't know exactly what that is. when i was a youngster, our next door neighbor the telegrapher was a fan of head cheese, and blood sausage and the like.

some people like tripe. some eat kidney, and some eat liver. some people like the "pope's nose."

if it's got protein, bone and fat in it, i don't see what's inferior about that.

some people like fish eggs, for crying out loud, and some people even eat fish "milt," which is polite talk for "cum." they scramble it & fry it, like eggs. which is precisely what it is.

owls swallow mice whole.

hey, carbs and proteins and fats are just like that, whether you like the cut or not.

you know of some food/pet food people putting pesticides, and "contaminations" in food, report them.

as far as preservatives, fungicides, mildew inhibitors, and the like, i guess i'd take that over rot.

i think you miss the point.--

this is about self preservation when times are not very opportune. in short, you eat to survive, whether it's road kill or haute cuisine.

and, canned foods, canned meats and good pet foods are gonna be of a lot more utility to you than a whole freezer full of fish & veggies, especially when there is not gonna be any electricity.

(doomsday scenario, you see.)

besides, what have you said about pet food that you cannot say about tuna fish, corned beef, "chicken, pork & beef" bologna, and a myriad of other human foods?

john jay

Canine Cataracts

i never met the pater familias whipple, but, i expect that i would have liked him. chipps and russ are good people, and the old man must have been a pretty good block to have been chipped from, given his fondness for that basic truth.

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