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June 29, 2012


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John Jay
from mxewofseoul.org/wordpress

I have used several times your remarkable 'it is immoral....'paragraph with credits to your website. however, this time i pasted it into
http://godfatherpolitics.com/6028/ohio-p-i-says-she-has-proof-obama-social-security-number-is-fraudulent/ without crediting to you, but the importance of removeing the obama gang needs support and a message and that paragraph carries weight. i will naturally continue to credit you next time i use it. max


john jay
indeed, i too was swamped with these 'adverts'. it was so bad i defaulted my comments section to decline any comments. up to 10 or more a day. wordpress does have a method of blocking them, but i have not time at present to study and apply the method. take care max

john jay


thank you for using proper accreditation. i appreciate it.

john jay

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