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May 28, 2012


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QL loves this cartridge; your results are less than 25fps from those calculated.

Do you have any BLC2, 322 or 335?

john jay


i have used a lot of h-322 (6.8mm rem spc) and h-335 (.223 remington) in the past, and liked them both.

i use h-322 almost exclusively in the 6.8mm, and have given h-335 up for rl-15.

the first powder i tried in "jj's brit" ™ was h-322, but i ran out of case before i could get any velocity. it may very well be that fabricating the case from the .243 remington-peters cases hasn't left me a lot of internal case capacity to play with.

i am finding out from you that quick load has very solid capability in predicting velocity and pressure. very surprising, that, and most pleasing.


p.s. i had tried another 1/2 grain of h-4198, and i only got an additional 20 fps of velocity, and groups opened up to 2" with horizontal spreading. i think the 29.5 grains is a most happy "resting place" in loads, and i'll just stay here.


Ah so. We're playing with vibrational nodes then I think.

i have most of a can of BLC2. I never use the stuff. Too bad we've got that nasty Hazmat fee, or I'd send it your way.

PS - "only"? 40fps per extra grain is pretty good in my book.

john jay



yes, i think it is the vibrational nodes thingie.

i think the little bugger will shoot.

and, i have discovered a new source of cases to fabricate into "jj's brit" ™ cases. i had a whole sack of winchester 6.5x55mm swede cases, from the days at least 15 years ago when i owned a model 96. (i never should have sold that thing, a nice rifle.)

well, i am making 50 cases of the brit with it, and it is working quite well, ... , no wrinkles or cracking, the necks outside turn easily (or else i am getting way stronger ... those little hand lathes are quite a bit of work), and they run through the dies very easily.

i am going to load up 10 rounds or so, and shoot them multiple times, and see how they hold up.

i may be seeing a neck cracking problem in the remington-peters .243 cases in that regard. i may have to anneal them.

a side benefit of the 6.5x55mm swede, is that the bases are a little bigger. i've made a bunch, run them through the rem-chester, and no problems whatsoever, ... , just a good snug bolt closure.

you know, i think i am on to something with this cartridge. it is just turning out to be a real pleasure working with it. good performance, no nasty surprises just yet. knock on wood.

john jay

gorras new era baratas

Jag kan se en hals sprickbildning problem i Remington-Peters .243 fall i detta avseende. jag kan få att para dem.

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