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May 22, 2012


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Check your email. I shortened and modernized the Swede for you and crunched a bunch of numbers, so you can verify that your new 6.5 Swedish Stubby can "do a Beowulf" and slaughter the Grendel.

How does 114gr at 2850fps from a 22" barrel sound? That load gives you another 75 yards point blank range over your JJ's .284 with the 130gr MatchKing, with both rounds having equal muzzle energy and both bullets having essentially equal sectional density? Add another 85fps for a 24" barrel ... the new stubby round actually exceeds the parent cartridge, because it's run at moderate modern pressure, unlike the maximum black powder pressure for the Swede from 1892.

john jay


i've looked at the charts & drawings you sent by private email.

fantastic job.

i believe that we should partner up on this, and that i should publish the charts and drawings, and assert trademark protection.

and, "6.5 beowulf" indeed. what a wonderful name.

let's do it.


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