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April 13, 2012


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I think your cases look great. You will learn real fast if they need annealing ... might want to do it anyway before reloading. It's a pain in the ***, going at it with a blowtorch and a chopstick over a pan of water in the dark, but it might be the smart move. Shifting shoulders and neck dimensions like that, plus the turning? That's a lot of work hardening. OTOH, you don't have to anneal them dead soft; drown the deprimed cases to 1/4" below the shoulder and hit the neck/shoulder juncture till they just start to glow, then tip them in the cold water. Always smart to run them through the polisher corn afterwards for a bit, just to shine the scorch off. After all that work, it would suck to split cases on shot #1 or #2.

john jay


so far, so good, as far as multiple reloadings go.

some of the cases have been shot 3 or 4 times, to no apparent ill effect.

no neck splitting, as of yet, and no splitting at the point of the former cases shoulder.

nothing but roses, thus far.

and, thank you, for your invaluable help.


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