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April 10, 2012


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Nice pic. Th 7-.22-250 is a great round, especially when you "Ackley" it up.

You're looking for short bullets now in that weight class? Hawk makes a 140 RN only 1.006" long. That bullet and a full charge of 4895 should make a dandy deer killer. Hornady has a 139 FP for lever guns that is even shorter, cheaper, and ought to hunt even better at the lower velocities.

john jay


the 6.5x22-250 also makes a good round, and they call it the 6.5mm hornady creedmoor.

john barsness says the 6.5 creedmoor is nothing more than the ackley improved .250 savage, with a 6.5 bullet.

just what you advocate.


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