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April 30, 2012


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Garry F

Sorry, my friend.

The progressives took 80 years to get this far and it will take 80 years to unwind the damage.

Deserting the battlefield to needlessly cede victory to one as despicable as Obama is unacceptable.

He must be defeated, and we must continue to send patriots to Congress, if we are going to slowly swing the country back to the Constitution.

Going AWOL ain't an option.



I have to agree with Gary. It an't an option - we all knew that Romney would get the nod this time. Wanting to get rid of the HalfvastMullatoArficanMuslimAppostateAss-Wipe and not voting for whom ever is his opponent is as much an oxymoron as fucking for virginity or killing for peace.

Do the right thing, hombre.


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