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August 28, 2011


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Nothing about the Libya action ever made sense, but I never connected the obvious dots john jay. It explains Hussein's bypass of Congress to support it.

Will the people of Europe push back? Will the American people ask any questions?

Like moths to the flame, Europeans to islamofascism.

john jay


this article, by george friedman, here, http://www.stratfor.com/weekly/20110829-libya-premature-victory-celebration , is about as good an analysis you are gonna come across on this whole mess.

i found it via www.theospark.net , hat tip to theo, and he linked it via tigerhawk, http://tigerhawk.blogspot.com/2011/08/stratfor-on-war-in-libya-fat-lady-has.html . the article at tigerhawk was from mr. friedman.

i am not sure that mr. friedman's argument that oil "had nothing to do w/ nato's involvment" is correct, or not, as time will tell. it makes no difference to me to get into at this point over it, ... , as i am sure, that as things work out, france and germany are going to be buying a whole lot of oil from libya.

so, what difference does it make what the "motivations" are said to have been, as the actuality of it will emerge, soon enough.

the operational analysis in mr. friedman's article is top notch, in my estimation.

and, it sustains my observations all along, that the "rebels" simply could not have pulled this off without n.a.t.o. air involvement and ground support, e.g., bombing and artillery control & training.

for some reason n.a.t.o. wanted quacks daffily out of there, so they ousted him. i suspect because he may have been the easiest available target by which to prove a point or two, to our muslim friends.

john jay

john jay

p.s. no doubt in my mind that theo spark has been a veritable clearing house for articles, posts and analysis on this libyan adventure of n.a.t.o.'s.

just the best, in my estimation.

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