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September 03, 2010


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Patrick Mcdowell

Well said , I was not aware of Glen holding this position, thank you for shedding lite on this issue.Mr. Wilders was in my scope awhile before Mr. beck ,and find him very brave a worthy of respect. I found it dissapointing while listening to mr. Beck's program , to learn he did not have an objection to the building of that mosque at that site, odd I thought .
Perhaps thru the mercies of Christ ,Mr. Beck will have a change of heart.
I will support Mr. Wilders , and the adorable , tirless for freedom , Ms. Geller.
May I share a verse from Jeremiah Chapter 2, verse 9 thru 13,
The day that sharia law is practiced in this country ,"Be appalled O heavens,at this.
And shudder, be very desolate," declares the Lord.

john jay

mr. mcdowell:

thank you very much for you very thoughtful and very well directed reply.

and, yes, jeremiah was very much more than a bullfrog, wasn't he.

i do not know who among can address g_d these days, and forestall the taking of the census in the face of g_d's desolation.

john cash said it best, "there's a man comin' round, takin' names ... ."

some comments in the prophets are eerily, ... , well, ... , prescient, are they not?

john jay

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