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December 03, 2008


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Frank Ch. Eigler

Really? Ghandi said that? The same guy who advised the jews in germany/poland to roll over and get killed?



according to jeff cooper he did.

i do not know about the statements with regard to german and polish jews simply surrendering their lives.

but i have read various accounts of his adherence to passive resistance, and from what i can gather it is fair to say that at least in part, and substantial part, is was a much a matter of tactical judgment as philosophical and/or religious conviction. he was a politician, set on driving out the british, the most efficient way he could.

john jay


p.s. jeff cooper was not the sort to fabricate.

he was a col. in marine corps, a combat veteran. he was, moreover, a fairly heavy duty thinker, and a very fine writer, and he did not cut corners.

he was not a prevarictor.

simply put.

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